Floor Country Canada is Manitoba’s largest distributor of floor refinishing products and supplies. We service professional hardwood refinishers offering a wide selection of oil and water-based floor finish, stains, sanding abrasives, wood filler and floor refinishing equipment.

Floor Country Canada is Manitoba’s exclusive dealer of American Sanders drum sanders, rotary sanders, orbital sanders, floor edger’s and dust containment systems.

We offer professional products from well-known brands:


Solid and engineered hardwood floors are a durable, natural material that adds remarkable beauty and value to your home. Unfortunately, over time, even the best-cared-for floors will start to show wear and tear. Fortunately, a professional hardwood refinisher can get your floors back to their original, beautiful state.

The floor of your home makes an impression every time someone looks at it. Whether you are entertaining guests or you are soon going sell your home, refinishing your hardwood floors increases the beauty and value of your home. Hardwood floors increases the appeal to potential buyers.

 Use a Professional

It’s essential that you understand that refinishing hardwood floors is not a job that should be carried out by the homeowner. There is a great deal of skill and thought that goes into the process. A professional hardwood refinisher is knowledgeable at determining the suitable process for your floors and what type of finishes to use for your household. A professional also has all the right equipment to complete the job easily and safely.

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