In a previous post, we looked at some of the best options for bathroom flooring. In today’s post, we’ll continue our series as we take a look at kitchen flooring options. When it comes to your kitchen, you probably want each element to be not only practical and durable but to also enhance the overall design. With that in mind, it’s important to remember that the type of flooring you select will directly impact all of the other design elements you use. As you select your flooring, you want to consider which material, color, texture, and more will best serve your design goals.

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Your kitchen may just be the hardest working room in your home. From pops of grease and spilled food to messy children and begging pets, there are many factors that require the elements in your kitchen to be durable. With that in mind, hardwood is a very durable flooring option. While it does have limitations and is susceptible to moisture, it is now a good option to consider for your kitchen with the advent of modern sealers like polyurethane. White the wear and tear that will likely take place over time may alter the appearance of your hardwood floor, you can always sand and refinish the floor to reveal a brand-new look once again.


Bamboo is a popular alternative to hardwood floors, as it mimics the look and feel of hardwood, and is actually harder than real wood. The way in which bamboo is manufactured helps to make it more resistant to water and moisture damage as well. One potential drawback to consider is that bamboo can be more expensive than hardwood, but it can also be refinished as needed.

Ceramic Tile

As we stated in our previous post, one of the reasons that ceramic tile is a popular flooring choice in bathrooms and kitchens is its durability. It is waterproof, resistant to heat and breakage, and shows almost no change despite the wear and tear it undergoes in high-traffic rooms. Ceramic tile is available in a number of colors, faux natural patterns, shapes, and sizes, which means that your options are almost limitless. With all of these great features, ceramic tile might be the perfect option for your kitchen. Keep in mind that it can be cold, so if that will bother you, then you might want to install a radiant floor heating system.


Concrete offers a number of visually pleasing design possibilities when it comes to flooring. If your kitchen is on the ground level of your home, then consider what this unique flooring option offers. Concrete is inexpensive, long-lasting, and can be polished, stained, or treated in any number of ways to obtain the look you want. If you do not already have a concrete slab underneath your existing flooring, a new one can be poured over a variety of sub-floor surfaces. Concrete is an especially good option if you want your kitchen to have a more modern look.

Floor Store

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