All of us need our own safe space, a sanctuary where we can completely relax, an area that’s away from the kids, the dog, and all of life’s responsibilities. A space within, or near, our home that we can invite friends over to and hang out with. Having a designated place to unwind is an awesome option to have in one’s home, and its autonomy from the rest of the house gives you some creative freedom in designing your unique getaway. Whether you want something sleek and sharp, rustic, or timeless, there are countless options to choose from. 

Today, we are going to help you choose the best flooring that will really tie the decor of your she shed or man cave together. Once you’ve settled on the perfect surface that will bless your feet once you cross the premises, all you need to do is search “flooring store near me” and choose Floor Country, Winnipeg’s premier flooring store. Give us a ring for an estimate.


Refining Your Game Room Vibe

When you think of your she shed or man cave, do you think of a game room? Not an arcade per se (unless that’s how you roll, in which case, this is still for you) but a room decked out with adult games, like pool, poker, blackjack, etc. Maybe there are multiple TVs, accessories here and there, maybe even a neon sign. But what kind of flooring material are you going to choose? Carpet can be a great flooring choice for a sanctuary in the basement because it creates a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. 

You may want to consider a carpet that will be easy to clean, like broadloom, as you will likely be eating and drinking in this man cave or she shed, and the last thing you want is to be stepping on crumbs every time you enter.


A Fresh, Clean Escape

Maybe when you visualize your sanctuary, it’s peaceful, serene, quiet, and allows you to desensitize. You want comfortable seating that you can sink into and a few plants for a light and airy feel. Your man cave or she shed has soft colors and plenty of natural light, and you need a floor that is going to wrap it together with a bow. We think that a hardwood floor will work best here. A hardwood floor will enhance the natural beauty of this room and further relax you, not to mention, hardwood matches any decor. 

If real hardwood floor is a bit out of budget, then you can always settle for vinyl or laminate flooring that mimic the look. The technology of both of these materials has improved drastically over the years, and they are competitive alternatives for hardwood flooring at the fraction of the price. 


An Elegant Getaway

Perhaps you instead want something luxurious. You envision a wet bar within your she shed or man cave, or maybe you have a full bar, complete with a bar top and beautiful bar stools where your friends will sit. You can see yourself sitting cooly on a beautiful couch holding a cocktail, and your floors are… tile, Definitely tile. We don’t mean your regular white bathroom tiles, no, we mean beautiful stone tile, like granite, travertine, or marble. Nothing is more elegant than stone tiles, and it will really bring your vision to life. You can use tiles anywhere, and plus, there are easy to maintain.

Whatever you imagine your man cave or she shed to look like, you need reliable, durable, and beautiful flooring to match the vibe. Sear “flooring store near me” and choose Floor County to fulfill your flooring needs. We are Winnipeg’s premier flooring professionals, and we would be happy to install a variety of flooring like hardwood, carpet, vinyl, cork, tile, and laminate. Give us a call today for an estimate!