Carpet Tile Flooring

Carpet tiles are easy to install, clean, and replace when they need to be, making this carpet style very appealing for the DIY enthusiasts. Carpet tiles allow you more creative freedom when designing a commercial building because of its availability in various colors and patterns. You could create accent borders, checkerboard patterns, stripes, or even optical illusions with your carpet tiles. Further, they are especially suitable for odd-shaped rooms.

While the concept itself may seem old school, carpet tiles deliver great results and a number of benefits. They are specially designed squares of carpet that are made to add depth and character to any room they are added in. Carpet tiles offer:

  • Fast and Easy Installation
  • Durability
  • Easy Maintenance
  • A Variety of Styles
  • Inexpensive Installation

Carpet tiles are easily the more efficient flooring option to install, as they can be installed with ease and are designed for simplicity. They can be installed in unique positions wherever they are needed. Instead of trying to roll out a wall-to-wall carpet, carpet tiles are easier to carry around and easy to put in place, offering a smooth and even look once it is fully installed. In addition to being easy to install, carpet tiles are also durable, holding up extremely well in high-traffic areas. This built-to-last flooring option will save you time and money in the long run because they are easy to clean and won’t have to be replaced for a long time. If one tile does need to be replaced, all you have to do is remove it from the floor and replace it! There is no need to replace the entire carpet.

Maintaining a carpet tile is as simple as vacuuming it regularly to remove the dust and debris that get trapped in the carpet fibers. You can even take washing the carpet into your own hands, popping them out of your floor to completely wash them before popping them back into position. This can be extremely convenient if you are a DIY person and also prefer your carpets to be as clean as possible.

Another benefit of carpet tiles include the variety of colors, styles, and patterns that the flooring option is available in. With carpet tiles, you are able to create different patterns, mosaics, and special blends of colors that speak to your personal style of the interior of your home. A blend of patterned and solid color carpet tiles can be used to create a range of effects that make your floor as interesting as the rest of your home or commercial building. With other flooring types, this option isn’t always possible, so if you want a unique floor look, then carpet tile is the way to go.